Key To Success Award

Key To Success Award
Key To Success Award

How many times have we heard this before……

You hold the Key to Success.

If You want to be successful all you got to do is decide to be successful and take actions everyday.

& for sure Success will be yours…

Inspired by this we designed our key to success award and needless to say we love it. The way we have combined the stairs with the key shape just love it. Yah I am kind of blowing my own trumpet but I guess sometimes its allowed.

This is what I love about Pinnacle. We are not just selling those boring star awards and plaques which most gift suppliers choose while walking the exhibition aisle in china and than import by truck loads and flood the market…. these very boring and dull awards are often bought by teams who don’t care about their people and just want to complete their chore of recognition. They pick these very designs for it has a star and tick off recognition from their to do list.

At Pinnacle we start our design thinking from what kind of recognition our customers would like to give..much before the design brief is received. We really want our customers to feel like a kid in a candy store, spoiled for choices for truly the winners deserve better.

Our Key to success award over time has been used as a fun award and even been a part of more serious awards programs based on values. Used anyways it a great addition to a reward program. Its available in two sizes and 2 different colours.

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