7 Mistakes Great Leaders Never Make When it Comes to Recognition

Recognition Mistakes to avoid

As I am writing my book “Recognition Not just for Winners” I am reading a lot…. asking a lot of questions… and of course listening a lot to the leaders who are running enterprises from few crores to hundreds of crores.

Our conversations are all around What? Why? & How? of Recognition.

Some messages are coming out repeatedly and strongly in many conversations. I have tried to distill my hours of listening and learning into byte size information… Let me know what you think. Those of you who don’t like byte size and need to know more.. you will have to wait for my book till January 2019.

Feel free to share these with your team internally. Do leave me comments below on what you think?

Do you resonate with these ideas? What could be the other big mistakes we are making in Recognition.


Recognition is not an HR Problem



Must avoid mistakes in recognition



Reward and Recognition quotes



Recognition quotes



Recognition Mistake



Fundamental Mistakes to Avoid in Recognition



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